In HYDRO POWER INTERNATIONAL S. de R.L de C.V, we have the commitment to achieve the satisfaction of each of our clients, as well as to exceed their expectations, by offering, to the sectors: plastic, metal, mining, construction, mechanical in Mexico, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment solutions, supporting our products with guarantee from the manufacturer and the excellent service that represent a major competitive advantage in its cost-benefit.


HYDRO POWER INTERNATIONAL S. de R.L. de C.V. is projected to become one of the leading companies providing products and water services in the country, managing to be recognized as a healthy, solid and profitable company always committed to client satisfaction. We seek to medium-term consolidate the company by capturing new clients at the regional level in order to grow as a company and expand our market to the whole country. Speaking in a long term we intend to achieve; thanks to nation-building, the impulse of our company to be open to new markets at international level in the next years.


• Committment
• Ethics & Responsability
• Customer Orientation
• Team Work
• Integrity
• Loyalty
• Respect to the customer
• Trust & Safety

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