MERKLE Official Distributors in Mexico

AHP Merkle gmbH is synonymous with quality in the development, construction and the manufacture of high quality hydraulic cylinders. Since 1973, we have provided competent and reliable assistance to customers of renown, many of which are active in the field of tools and mould manufacturing and mechanical engineering.

Many of our cylinders developed individually are standard in the industry, which is the result of a policy line of modular product offering our customers efficient individuality and rapid availability.

AHP Merkle is committed to a 100% quality. That’s why all our products are manufactured of series with temperate, grinding, chrome plating and finely polished rods. Our flexibility and innovation guarantee precision of products, which are always a step ahead. They know how to appreciate the customers around the world and from several sectors.

Application Sectors

• Remote Proportional Actuator
• Construction of tools and moulds
• Tool Machine
• Mechanical Engineering and special manufacturing
• Deburring tool construction
• Hydro Forming
• Automotive

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Merkle offers

• Block Cylinder
• Guide Unit
• Standard Cylinder
• DIN Standard Cylinder
• Core pull unit
• Short-Stroke Cylinder
• Cubic Short-Stroke cylinder
• Flanged Cylinder
• Doubled-Lined Cylinder
• Circular block cylinder
• Hydraulic Cylinder with External Guide
• Screw-in Cylinder
• Punching Cylinder
• Block cylinder with locating screw stem
• Rotating Cylinder
• Rotary Drive unit
• Block cylinder with element guide

  • merkle11
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Accessories Block Cylinder Circular block cylinder Clamping elements Core pull unit
DIN standard cylinder Double-lined cylinder Flanged cylinder Hydraulic Cylinder with External Guide Push unit
Rotary Drive Unit Screw-in cylinder Short-stroke cylinder Stamping cylinder Standard cylinder