HYDAC Official Distributors in Mexico

It offers an extensive program of supplying products for hydraulic, magnetic systems and electronic control, as well as sensors of regulation, monitoring, condition monitoring and maintenance of fluid products.

Our extensive specific know-how and our innovative spirit allow us to develop systems tailored to our clients. HYDAC Solutions can be found in hydraulic systems for the industrial sector and mobile systems. Our competent specialists in each sector are available worldwide near you.

We plan and supply tunr-key hydraulic drive and control system, including regulations and controls electronic for mobile and stationary machines, as well as facilities for several sectors.

Applications and Sectors
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  • Hydac2
  • Hydac3
  • Hydac4

• Automotive
• Banks of test
• Hydroelectric Power Plants
• Power station
• Renewable energy
• Wind Energy
• Naval Industry
• Paper Industry
• Agricultural Machinery
• Shaping Machine
• Lifting Machine
• Municipal Machinery
• Machinery for Construction
• Mining
• Oil & Gas
• Plastic
• Iron and steel industry.
• Process Technology.

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Product Line

• Accessories
• Hydraulic Accumulator
• Pumps
• Hydraulic Cylinders
• Electronic
• Filters and filter elements
• Measurement Instrument
• Heat exchanger
• Sensors
• Compact Hydraulic System
• Cooling System
• Solenoids
• Fastening System
• Magnetic Technical
• Valves


HYDAC, the world leader in production and sales of accumulators, in addition to being the only one that have the Stat-Free Technology. For more information please contact us.


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