DYNEX Official Distributors in Mexico

Dynex manufactures hydraulic components and systems for use in mobile and industrial machines. These pumps, valves, motors and power units have been sold around the world for more than 40 years.

The products include high-pressure pumps, directional valves for high pressure and piston valves pressure, and piston motors of high strength for the most demanding conditions and electro-hydraulic actuators for remote control.

Dynex also built standard hydraulic power units or specialized system for the most demanding conditions, including high pressure and special fluids.

Product Benefits

Dynex´s hydraulic components and power units work with the best quality that exists in the market of the most demanding works, including high pressure, special fluids, dirty environments, extreme variations of temperature and long work cycles.

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• Remote proportional actuator
• Piston Pumps PF500
• Piston Pumps PF1000
• Piston Pumps PF2000
• Piston Pumps PF3000
• Piston Pumps PF4000
• Piston Pumps PF4200
• Piston Pumps PF6000
• Piston Pumps PF2000
• Piston Pumps PF4000
• Piston Pumps PF4020
• Piston Pumps PF6000
• Piston Motors Serie MF
• Piston Motors Serie MV
• Directional Valves D03
• Directional Valves for High Pressure HP03
• Directional Valves D05
• Directional Valves for High Pressure HP05
• Directional Valves for Hight Pressure D05H
• Directional Valves D08.
• Seat Valves VST Series
• Sandwich Type Valves VSW Series.

Market & Applications:

• Steel Industry
• Mining Industry
• Tunnels and Pipe Jacking
• Aeronautical Industry
• Military Equipment
• Hydrostatic balance roll and lubrication system.
• Injection Machines
• Hydraulic Presses
• Rock crushing equipment

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Pumps for High Pressure